From Blues to Bluegrass to Indie Rock, Sirens music scene is vast as we strive to get new undiscovered groups as well as some of our favorites in on weekend nights.
Open at noon every day.

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Polly O'Keary and The Rhythm Method



Daniel G. Harmann

Blu Meadows

Kye Alfred Hillig


The Saturday Giant


Events at Sirens

It's Winter!! and Sirens is still the place to be.
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Tuesdays - FIDDLER JAM SESSION in Siren's Pool Room, *players by invitation only, but feel free to sit back and listen to some amazing pickin! 7pm -No Cover!
Wednesdays - SIRENS OPEN MIC - experience local culture! Feel free to perform or enjoy! 9pm - No Cover!
Thursdays - KARAOKE - featuring Louis World! You know you want to 9pm -No Cover!
NO COVER DJ DANCE MUSIC EVERY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY at MIDNIGHT!!! (Directly following Sirens always exciting LIVE music performances, don’t worry, we’re still doing live music!) Dance night away at Sirens every weekend!!!!





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Friday, April 3rd ~ TBA
Saturday, April 4th ~ Polly O'Keary and The Rhythm Method
9pm $5

From a beginning in immigrant camps through an early music career as a teen working bars in Mexico and the US, to becoming one of the most highly-awarded blues musicians in the Pacific Northwest, Polly O’Keary’s life in music eventually took her on tours as a bassist for national blues bands, playing all over the United States and Canada, and a total of four continents. In 2013, O’Keary assembled her own trio, Polly O’Keary and the Rhythm Method, and in one short year, the band released the album “Compass” to rave reviews from all over the world and extensive international radio play, and began touring the nation.

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Friday, April 10th ~ Gems
9pm $5

Gems is an instrumental electronic band from Seattle, WA consisting of two drummers and two keyboardists – and their music will make you dance. Gems have garnered rave reviews from the Seattle music scene, most recently in a glowing profile from The Stranger that read: “Gems hit you with heavy grooves and polyrhythmic interplay, while Moog-generated liquid-sex bass-lines and champagne-bubble leads seduce you to the dance floor.”

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Saturday, April 11th ~ Daniel G. Harmann
9pm $5

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Friday, April 17th ~ Blu Meadows
9pm $5
Saturday, April 18th ~ Kye Alfred Hillig and Pete Jordan
9pm $5

Kye Alfred Hillig is a tall thin man. His face and bearing are spare in a photogenic way, with a refined angularity. He looks like a man who doesn’t say very much, or simply doesn’t need to. When he sings, his voice is resonant with a lonesome, aching quality - at times perhaps a bit more sincere than tasteful, but you believe him just the same. His songs, delivered by that well-worn voice, beg for space. You find yourself wanting to hear creaking floorboards between the notes’ haunting echoes. His words are fearlessly honest, and a bit like those of Leonard Cohen, sharing a preoccupation with the gloomy allure of romantic disparity.

Pete Jordan has been playing music in one form or another since childhood. After studying trumpet performance and composition at WWU, Pete moved to Seattle and is currently the songwriter, singer, and rhythm guitarist for Seattle based psychedelic folk rock band, Cloud Person. He also plays trumpet in a number of Seattle projects.

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Friday, April 24th ~ The Saturday Giant
9pm $5

Going to see a show should be about what happens that day, in that room, between that audience and that performer. It shouldn't be a carbon copy of the same performance from the night before. How I slept, what I ate, the conversations I had, the articles I read: all of those things affect my brain chemistry and how I'm going to interact with the songs that day. Making art is an opportunity to synthesize and reinterpret our unique lived experiences and reintroduce them to the world as shared dreams of sound and light. If I used canned backing tracks I'd be robbing myself of that opportunity.

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