From Blues to Bluegrass to Indie Rock, Sirens music scene is vast as we strive to get new undiscovered groups as well as some of our favorites in on weekend nights.
Open at noon every day.

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The Ugly Architect


Famous Lucy


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European Beer Tour


Events at Sirens

Tuesdays - Traditional Irish Session in Siren's Pool Room, *players by invitation only, but feel free to sit back and listen to some amazing pickin! 7pm -No Cover!
Wednesdays - SIRENS OPEN MIC - experience local culture! Feel free to perform or enjoy! 9pm - No Cover!
Thursdays - KARAOKE - featuring Louis World! You know you want to 9pm -No Cover!



Friday, July 19 ~ The Ugly Architect
9pm $5

"I don't know why, but the name says it all. The Ugly Architect is someone you want to get to know - a set of songs that's an old friend, maybe even a brand new friend, that you can't help but listen to, argue with, nod in silent agreement, laugh out loud together, all the way he takes you across the mountains and plains, rivers and valleys, sunset to sunrise, or maybe the reverse, and you can't think of a journey you'd rather be on."
- Jesse Elliot, These United States

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Saturday, July 20 ~ Famous Lucy
9pm $5

From the backwoods and salty coastlines of the Pacific Northwest, comes a hauntingly beautiful band, bringing you a love for Western Soul. Famous Lucy will take over your heart, with powerful vocals and songwriting, passionate Fiddle, and Trumpet lines, as well and the steady and stable stand-up bass and drums. Catch em' when you can!

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Sunday, July 21 ~ Larry and Diane Music
An Eclectic musical experience.
Diane is an accomplished dancer and singer from a musical family performing with her brothers in the DelGardno family singers on a regular schedule. Always singing the music she loves on her own and in groups, now expanding into new genres and styles with her own unique delivery.
Larry has played guitar and bass guitar in rock and jazz bands growing up in the Seattle area, teaching, performing and leading bands playing in clubs, outdoor venues, and private events. After a not-so brief hiatus it is time once again to put the music first with Diane's fine vocals backed by Larry's creative arranging and playing.

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Friday, July 26 ~ Merit Parcel
9pm $5

Indie Rock Fusion from Hayfork, CA. Living and working down the dirt roads of Northern California's Trinity county M.P. has found an invigorating attitude towards self expression and a driving voice toward motivation. Still riding the cusp of the green wave with an Arlo Guthrie attitude and Cursive style Merit Parcel delivers a tangible piece of appreciation to the doors of a forging new generation.

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Saturday, July 27 ~ Not-Verbatim
9pm $5

They say that music is the language of the soul, and nothing could be truer for this band. Composed of a group of inspirational musicians, the artists behind Not-Verbatim have earned their reputation as a talented band to look out for. From live gigs to studio sessions and more, they continue to thrill fans around the North-West Peninsula with their enjoyable and distinct music style. Playing classic hits in unconventional styles such as R&B, Reggae, and Rock, they blend their experience into each and every song creating their signature sound. Explore the site and check out their music below.

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Sunday, July 28 ~ Kalan
Driven acoustic medicine music from the foothills of Quilcene.

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Wednesday, September 25 ~ European Beer Tour
$49 + tax
Come join us for a night of Beer History through Europe. Learn about the olden styles of Trappist Ales, Wits, Lambics and more... As we journey through Europe tasting a piece of history, discuss the various styles of brewing from monks and age old traditions passed down through families. We will be sampling six amazing brews with food pairings. Pre-purchase tickets at Sirens $49 plus tax. Sure to be an engaging and in-depth evening for the beer lover in us all.