From Blues to Bluegrass to Indie Rock, Sirens music scene is vast as we strive to get new undiscovered groups as well as some of our favorites in on weekend nights.
Open at noon every day.

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Events at Sirens

It's Spring!! and Sirens is still the place to be.
Check out our Drink Specials here.

Tuesdays - FIDDLER JAM SESSION in Siren's Pool Room, *players by invitation only, but feel free to sit back and listen to some amazing pickin! 7pm -No Cover!
Wednesdays - SIRENS OPEN MIC - experience local culture! Feel free to perform or enjoy! 9pm - No Cover!
Thursdays - KARAOKE - featuring Louis World! You know you want to 9pm -No Cover!
NO COVER DJ DANCE MUSIC EVERY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY at MIDNIGHT!!! (Directly following Sirens always exciting LIVE music performances, don’t worry, we’re still doing live music!) Dance night away at Sirens every weekend!!!!
Friday, April 25th ~ Dearly Departed
9pm $5
Dearly Departed is a Seattle based trio. Their electrocuted, beat-heavy and imaginative works are secretly lyrical folk songs at heart. The group began playing together casually and acoustically in the spring of 2011, mainly around living rooms and campfires. As songs began to take shape, and instruments were plugged, one by one, into amplifiers, the sound of Dearly Departed emerged as the undulating, mixed genre, experimental project that both pleases and challenges ears and hearts alike.
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Saturday, April 26th ~ Spectors
9pm $5
“The Washington-based lo-fi alt rock duo hit the mark and achieve what they were hoping to accomplish on their debut EP, Poor Cletus. Their lyrics and smooth guitar riffs have so much Weezer-esque power and soul.”
-Marcel’s Music Journal
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Wednesday, April 30 ~ Brewers Dinner Series with Hillards of Seattle
Fun evenings filled with good beer, good food, and good people. $36/person (tax inc)
We have had a last minute switch-a-roo with this months Brewers Dinner. Wed April 30th we will be featuring Hillards of Seattle. Some may know of their cans, however there is a much larger selection of beers on draft. We can't wait to get our samples and start the creative process of pairing beer and food.oyster


Friday, May 2nd ~ Siren's Seafood Bar will be opening on our lower deck featuring fresh and local seafood on the water.
Friday, May 2nd ~ Lynched
9pm $5

Lynched have been performing for over a decade now, beginning with their self penned folk-punk numbers, and gradually becoming drawn towards the singing tradition of their native city. Seeking to give expression and dignity to Dublin city’s peculiar and unique culture through the medium of the traditional folk song, they accompany their ‘raucous Dublinese twang’ with an array of traditional Irish instruments.
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Saturday, May 3rd ~ Lone Madrone
9pm, $5
Foot stompin rambling country rock - Lone Madrone's new, live material contains hints of psychedelic rock while maintaining a roots vibe, mixing the classic songwriting influences of Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Neil Young, Tom Waits, and John Prine with the psychedelia of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin next to the pioneering blues of Son House and Robert Johnson.
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Sunday, May 4th ~ Bombadil
8pm, no cover
Bombadil is a NC based band whose music is a quirky, sophisticated twist on vintage pop, indie rock and alt/country, and are managed by the same team who manage the Avett Brothers.  " indie record done right," "...a combination of open-minded chamber folk and the bright and sunny pop music of the 1960s," "...sounds like the folk/rock 'Sgt. Pepper's,'" and "...everything an indie record should be," are just some of the comments from writers about the band's most recent album, Metrics of Affection.
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Monday, May 5th ~ Cinco de Mayo
We will be offering a High-end Tequila Tasting including sipping tequilas, mescal, and appetizers.
Friday, May 9th ~ Science
9pm, $5
Seattle based acoustic indie duo Science! is a musical pursuit of empirical evidence, using poetry and soundscapes to express the truth of daily life. Science! is something for the everyman to believe in. Their self-titled EP speaks to the challenges of existence with a rip-roaring exclamation that every ounce of humanity matters, and no voice should go ignored. It’s political; it’s daring and dreamy; it’s the place where rock and folk meet to dance, smile and raise a frothy brew in celebration.
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Saturday, May 10th ~ Blue Holiday
9pm $5

Blues/Soul/Funk from Port Townsend. Blue Holiday is comprised of lead vocalist Frank Anderson, George Radebaugh on piano, Randy Cole on bass, Mahiko Fujita on guitar, and Tim Sheffield on drums. They have a smooth, fun jazzy sound.
Sunday, May 11th ~ Crosby Tyler, One Man Band!
8pm, no cover
Is a bohemian troubadour steeped in American traditions, the railroad, the carny, the hobo, the latest in a line that included Guthrie, Leadbelly, Ramblin Jack Elliott and Michael Hurley. Tyler is able to delve deep into tradition to produce some fabulous songs.
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Rhody Weekend!

Friday, May 16th ~ Call Me Ladro - With Guests
9pm $5
Call Me Ladro is blend of hip hop,jazz,soul,reggae and poetry.The sound is familiar yet unique in the sense that the back bone and beat of the music is very hip hop based yet the melody's have a soulful jazzy/reggae feel. Rubio(vocals and djembe) provides a poetic approach to his lyrics as well as a reggae vibe mixed with African style rhythms.
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Saturday, May 17 ~ Culture Yard
9pm $5
(Reggae Dance from Seattle)
Friday, May 23 ~ Sour Mash Hug Band
9pm $5
A cabaret band that combines virtuosic central European violin technique with 1920s/30s jazz and Yiddish theatre, the Sour Mash Hug Band evokes an era that never quite existed. The band is especially known for their original tunes reminiscent of Kurt Weill and Danny Elfman.
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Monday, June 23rd is the 2nd Main Street Pub Crawl
Save the date! Details coming soon.