From Blues to Bluegrass to Indie Rock, Sirens music scene is vast as we strive to get new undiscovered groups as well as some of our favorites in on weekend nights.
Open at noon every day.

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Black Door Alley


Racket Man


The Fun Police


Events at Sirens

Tuesdays - Traditional Irish Session in Siren's Pool Room, *players by invitation only, but feel free to sit back and listen to some amazing pickin! 7pm -No Cover!
Wednesdays - SIRENS OPEN MIC - experience local culture! Feel free to perform or enjoy! 9pm - No Cover!
Thursdays - KARAOKE - featuring Louis World! You know you want to 9pm -No Cover!


Friday, October 18 ~ Black Door Alley
9pm $5

Black Door Alley is an eclectic pop-rock band from the Great Pacific Northwest of Washington state. With roots in blues, rock, soul and funk, their number one goal is getting the crowd up and moving!

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Saturday, October 19 ~ Sol Duc
9pm $5

Sol Duc is an original funkrock band with a punk edge. As a power trio of the highest order, they may throw a couple twisted covers into the mix

Friday, October 25 ~ Racket Man
9pm $5

They always put on a heckin good show. They keep the crowd interested, which is a rarity. Racket Man brings together influence from all spectrums of rock, indie, and more. Turn on a song and you’ll be swept into a smooth, consistent and bright melody with strong chorus hooks that are backed up by adventurous guitar riffs and bold synth arrangements. Always a good time!

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Saturday, October 26 ~ The Fun Police
9pm $5

The Fun Police are equipped with an ever-growing versatile arsenal primarily consisting of a viola, accordion, several vocalists, guitars, bass, drums, djembe, tambourine, glockenspiel, various flutes, clarinet, horns, and other secret weapons. The tempo is mostly upbeat and dance-able. The tunes vary from folk, to reggae, to country, to punk, to experimental, and back again. The Fun Police don’t work really well with The Genre Police. As a whole The Fun Police are a tasty mix for consumption, an all-day cooked stew, or a delicious homemade pico de gallo for dipping. To some it might be an acquired taste like bacon, coffee, or donuts. The FP consider it a crime to take themselves too seriously, and are seldom seen arresting each other.

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