From Blues to Bluegrass to Indie Rock, Sirens music scene is vast as we strive to get new undiscovered groups as well as some of our favorites in on weekend nights.
Open at noon every day.

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Stout Pounders


Blue Rhino


Alki Jones


Jack Maybe Project




St. Cinder


D.on Darox & The Melody Joy Bakers


Miss Lonely Hearts





Events at Sirens

Tuesdays - FIDDLER JAM SESSION in Siren's Pool Room, *players by invitation only, but feel free to sit back and listen to some amazing pickin! 7pm -No Cover!
Wednesdays - SIRENS OPEN MIC - experience local culture! Feel free to perform or enjoy! 9pm - No Cover!
Thursdays - KARAOKE - featuring Louis World! You know you want to 9pm -No Cover!
NO COVER DJ DANCE MUSIC EVERY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY at MIDNIGHT!!! (Directly following Sirens always exciting LIVE music performances, don’t worry, we’re still doing live music!) Dance night away at Sirens every weekend!!!

Friday, July 13th ~ Stout Pounders
9pm $5
Stout Pounders is a Seattle based Celtic Folk band. Since 2007 the band has brought new energy and comedic twists to time tested Scottish and Irish Folk music.
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Saturday, July 14th ~ Blue Rhino
9pm $5
Blues dance music, classics, originals and rockin' blues/rock from B.B & Clapton to ZZ.

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Friday, July 20th ~ Alki Jones
9pm $5
It’s hard to put a finger on this Seattle-based band’s sound. They hit you hard with powerful grooves and killer guitar solos like a rock band, strum easy and sing sweetly like a sentimental country act, and exude the raw emotion and passion known to run through the veins of the Pacific Northwest alternative/grunge scene.

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Saturday, July 21st ~ Jack Maybe Project
9pm $5
The Jack Maybe Project is a Portland band that takes the sounds of the old gods of the American Songbook, and updates them with modern popular forms and aesthetics.
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Friday, July 27th ~ SuperTress
9pm $5
American music of the past 100 years—including it's extensions beyond this hemisphere.

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Saturday, July 28th ~ St. Cinder
9pm $5
St. Cinder is comprised of six travelers. We were all individually moving along the line from town to town busking for our fare and seeing the sights and smelling the smells. Our lines crossed in southern Oregon and we hit the ground running.

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Friday, August 3rd ~ D.on Darox & The Melody Joy Bakers
9pm $5

They are a 7 piece band that plays original music combining roots Americana, Gypsy swing, and a New Orleans vibe (trying to contain them within a genre is damn near impossible, imagine Gypsies running a muck in New Orleans and you'll understand the kind of party this band strives to throw at their shows). Some of the sounds you will hear at their shows include Trombone, Trumpet, theremin, accordion, upright Bass, sousaphone, banjo, guitar, piano, various percussion, drums, yelling, screaming, babies crying, clapping, foot stomping, and whatever else they can find to make noise with!

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Saturday, August 4th ~ Miss Lonely Hearts
9pm $5

“Seeing Miss Lonely Hearts live is like witnessing an impromptu hoedown in the most carcinogenic of coal mines. Or being an unsuspecting tourist who stumbled upon a whiskey-soaked shotgun wedding. Either way, Wyatt Hesemeyer uses tongue-in-cheek, Johnny Cash-like vocals to tell tales of women and disasters which, at times, are one in the same: My baby aint a ball and chain, shes a wreckin ball. Combined with the old-timey beat of Mischa Gaschs upright bass, its tough to decide between headbangin or kickin up your cowboy bootseither way, youll have a stupid grin on your face.”

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Sunday, August 5th ~ Kalan
Kalan Wolfe is a musician out of Qulicene Washington, whose style  is described as "Driven Medicine Music". He preforms a variety of covers, as well as many originals. He is often accompanied by his dad (Karl Hatton) on cajon and backup vocals.

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Friday, August 10th ~ Kayohti
9pm $5
Kayohti is a 4-piece band bringing some fantastic funk, blues, & Latin-style songs. You'll hear original songs and some covers from bands like The Allman Brothers Band, Cold Blood, Albert King, The Meters, Robert Cray, The Neville Brothers, Stevie Wonder, Average White Band, and Carlos Santana. Their show is all about getting you on the dance floor so join us for a good time and a cold brew!

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Saturday, August 11th TBA
Friday, August 17th ~ Declan Juan de Fuca
9pm $5